We are a Kiwi family on a slow trip around the world, traveling, living and writing about it as we go. We are in Phnom Penh Cambodia at the moment.

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New Zealand  expat living in Cambodia

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: New Zealand  Cambodia
  • Interest: Life
  • About me: There are four of us. One has flown the coop but joins us for big trips. Six years ago we decided that while NZ was an awesome place to live it (the Adult Third Culture Kid in our midst was getting itchy feet again) it was a long way from everywhere else and we needed to get out and see the world. One of us was offered a job in Apia Samoa and so our journey began. Since then we have lived in the Soloman Islands, Singapore and now Cambodia. Who knows where we will end up next and for how long we will be gone- there is still so much of the world to see.

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