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I am what is called a “trailing spouse”. Not a very impressive title for a fifty-something, college and grad school-educated, intelligent (most of the time) woman of the world. But, it’s a great life and I am forever grateful for it! My husband and I are American expats living in Luanda, but we hail from Houston, Texas. This is our second expat assignment, with London being our first. Folks, this is different. Very different. London was expat-light. This is the real deal. Hope you enjoy reading about our African odyssey. Luanda may not be glamorous, or even remotely sane, but it is interesting!

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lass o luanda

US American US American expat living in Angola

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  • About me: I am an American expat living in Luanda, Angola. We just arrived a month ago and are loving it so far! It is a crazy, chaotic place, but so incredibly interesting. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

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