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Exploring Uruguay Blog

Our blog is about our day-to-day life and experiences. We also have a recipe of the week. While you're visiting our blog, don't forget to click on the link to...
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'Our Luxor' (Or a Daft lad in Egypt.)

A blog about the struggle and misfortunes, but also the joys and hilarity of living in Luxor. We love it!
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Teatime in wonderland

Plenty to see in England! Where to start? Even more difficult if you have a child and want to balance adult activities with kids-friendly places... Here are my...
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Paris en deux - moving, living, visiting Paris

Paris blog about living, visiting and moving to Paris. Read about Versailles, Fontainebleau, Disneyland Paris, Paris frauds, Paris restaurants and french...
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Black American Expat Living in Berlin

Apart from travel, Nicole blogs about natural hair care, plus size fashion, and crafting. She shares her musings and observations about living life in Germany's...
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Flip Flop France

Sasha, 23 years old, moved 12 hours by flight to Lyon. She will detail her life in France, the joys, the tears all while making to goal to see if she can find...
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Girl in Florence/Firenze 2.0

This personal blog follows one curious American girl with a semi-confusing name living in Florence, Italy. Passions include travel, wine, food, humor, culture,...
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Impressions and musings about my experience of living in the Gulf, and of course some stuff about my occasional trips to other spots.
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American to Britain

I have lived in England for more than 8 years. While I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall, I met my English husband and decided to separate after serving 10 years...
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Bohemian on a Budget: How to Wander the Globe...Without

“I wish I could do that!” ”Wow, you must be rich!”
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The Philippines Expat

This blog is an honest account of what it's like to be an expat living in Cebu City, from where to eat, to renting property, to the local nightlife, and...
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I Frattempi Della Mia Vita

Serena che vi scrive, una Dottoressa di Ricerca in Psicologia che ama vagabondare per il mondo. Il fatto che mia sorella sia un’assistente di volo ha sempre...
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B Hong Kong

I'm a Scottish girl living in Hong Kong. My blog, B-Hong Kong, explores the best food, sights and travel that this amazing city has to offer.

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Mama Loves Paris

Mama Loves Paris is a blog that offers escapism for you and the kids. MLP seeks out the best places to have fun in the city for the family but also just for...
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Whitney in Paris

The perspecitve of another Amerian in Paris adapting to a new culture, traveling Europe and living everyday life in Paris.
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