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Ways of Wanderers

Jessica is a roaming expat and budget traveler who currently lives in Asia. Her blog provides travel tips and inspiration for anyone and everyone who has ever...
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HoneyTrek - 500 day RTW Honeymoon

The plan is to go places too far to visit while we have a job and too rugged to do when we’re old. Don’t try to see everything; move slowly but thoroughly....
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Our trip to Ethiopia

My blog is about our experience in working for an Aid Organization in East Africa for two years. I came back to the States and started writing about lessons...
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Martin's Travel Photo Blog

My travel's in Colombia staying and traveling with Colombian family's.

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A one way conversation over a cup of coffee with delayed responses (comments) is how I like to describe ms-havachat.

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Category: Expat life


Non Stop Destination

Travel inspiration, advice and travel photography
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