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American Russia Observations

I write about the challenging life of an American expat that retires to St. Petersburg. Cultural contrast, our daily life, and expat cooking are topics.
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Blog Portugal

Blog d'un français amoureux du Portugal ! Tourisme, investissements, retraite, je vous explique tout ! Venez aussi découvrir les cours de portugais et les...
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Une maman à Istanbul

Rire et Pleurs d"une maman a Istanbul
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Back to Berlin...and Beyond!

We embarked on the expat experience in Berlin in 2007 and our lives were changed forever. We saw Obama's 2008 campaign speech, got engaged on the Tower Bridge...
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Femme au Foyer

About France, Europe, traveling, being a mother and wife, family, friends, visitors, cooking, hiking, learning French traditions and to understand the culture,...
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The Singapore Mimi News

The B. Family : Mimi B, ses parents Daddy B. et Mummy B. et leur chien Doggy B. Arrivés à Singapour courant juin 2013... Et on compte bien tout vous raconter!...
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Crazy Parents in Nicaragua

As a couple we decided to take early retirement and move to Nicaragua. Life is now full of adventure as we try to live on a modest income and explore this...
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A Mommy Abroad

As a stay at home mom and a trailing spouse, life in a new country (where I don't speak the language) is a constant adventure. We're having quite a time...
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Category: Expat life


Frogs in Australia - Blog Voyage Australie

Frogs in Australia est né il y a quelques temps deja. J'ai décidé de lancer mon blog pour partager mon expérience et les bons plans du pays. On voit de plus...
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Unique et Commun

Unique car vous comme moi sommes des êtres uniques, et à ce titre, je vous propose humblement d'ouvrir une fenêtre sur moi. Commun car aussi exacerbé soit...
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Educated Abroad

Follow in the foot-steps of a Stay-at-Home-Father, as his son starts formal school. Current location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
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A Long Way to Go for A Sun Tan

An Irishman's view of life and work in Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia after moving abroad to work in 2011, Life, work, culture and of course, missing home......
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Category: Expat life


3rd Culture Children

3rd culture children
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Londoneya was born and raised in England to Egyptian parents. Her pen name is Egyptianised (the word itself being half English and half Egyptian-Arabic) to...
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J'ai créé mon Blog "Ngisafunda" (j'apprends encore en zoulou) il y a presque deux ans pour raconter mes étonnements sud-africains avec un regard de...
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