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Miami, tout savoir !

Mes aventures au pays des burgers, des plages de sable blanc, des grosses voitures et des filles en bikinis pour vous faire partager tout ce qui est à savoir...
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Vado a vivere a Miami

Si tratta di un blog dedicato a tutti quelli che vogliono trasferirsi in Usa, dove ho raccolto tutte le informazioni utili. È completamente gratuito e...
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Tout un voyage - 2 Farangs en Thaïlande

Le blog traite de notre quotidien en Thaïlande avec un focus sur la vie à Chiang Mai, notre ville d'adoption.
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Desperate housewives in Singapore

"Singapore? Ma dov'e' in Cina? Cannot direbbe un singaporeano! Questo blog e’ per raccontare di un piccolo posto sperduto in fondo all’Asia che, con...
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Leben in Chile

Ich schreibe über mein Leben in Chile. Themen sind: Geschäftsleben, Internet, Bürokratie, tägliche Dinge des Lebens wie z.B. dass der Döner Kebab seinen...
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Gaelle in Los Angeles

Gaelle in Los Angeles, le blog d'une jeune française qui part à l'aventure Outre-Atlantique pour poursuivre des études en Music Business pendant un an à...
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living in brazil: tips, tricks, and observations

tips, tricks, advice, observations, and much more to living in this wonderfully complicated beautiful country.
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My Milan (Italy)

My photos. My thoughts. My slice of the city.
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Adventures & reflections of a Spaniard in Southern California
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American Girl's World

A personal look into the life of an American woman who lived in Kuwait for a number of years and married a local. Sometimes co-blogging, they cover topics...
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The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo

I've kept myself from going into the blogging fashion for quite a long time now but after seeing a number of horrible blogs (and a few good ones) I felt...
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A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But married...
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Life on La Lune

What is it really like to live in France? My blog looks at life in rural France and tells it how it is - warts and all.
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The Great Cape Verde Adventure

All the information you need to know about living, working, starting a business or retiring in Cape Verde.
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Jessica Lives Here

The fallout (good and bad) after a girl ditches her office-job for one in a kitchen, and then moves across an ocean for love, (and chocolate.)
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