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East of Malaga

Do you want to find out about tapas? Look at stunning photographs? Follow some easy driving directions from Málaga airport? Try out a new recipe? Learn...
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Family Life In Spain

We are a family currently enjoying life in the beautiful village of Mijas Pueblo, in Malaga, Andalucia in the South of Spain.
[Hits: 84 - Added: 06-06-11]


Un salto a Australia

Dos malagueños, viviendo una aventura en Australia. Nueva vida, nuevos sueños y esperanzas, nuevas amistades...
[Hits: 79 - Added: 10-06-13]


El Boqueron Viajero

A bilingual- bicultural travel blog sharing our enthusiasm for discovering the things in our own city and around the world.
[Hits: 45 - Added: 17-05-12]


Memoirs of a Young Adventuress

An American in Spain
[Hits: 40 - Added: 26-01-12]


Blog Un Salto A Australia

En el blog narro todas mis experiencias y vivencias sobre Australia desde hace más de tres años. Abarco casi todo: los viajes que realizo, los rincones que...
[Hits: 26 - Added: 04-09-17]


Inner Expat

Navigating the ups and downs of living abroad.

[Hits: 14 - Added: 09-02-21]


Viva La Vita

A local's guide to the best places in Southern Spain.
[Hits: 6 - Added: 03-03-23]



I am from Brazil and lived in Estonia and in the USA before moving to Spain in 2022. I moved to the Costa del Sol with my husband and our (then) 7-year-old boy....
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