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Ponderings about Love, Art, Travel and Experience. With pictures.
Blog language: English
Key words: travel, kids, cyprus, photos
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Cyprus  expat living in Cyprus

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  Cyprus
  • Interest: Travel
  • About me: I am a UK expat living in Cyprus with my 2 daughters and I am contemplating my next move!
  • Social networks: Google+

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Felling Hot Hot Hot!
    It is 42 Celsius today and I am melting. I am so hot and bothered, I may actually kill someone. This has been the case since Saturday, which incidentally, and most unfortunately, is the day I moved house.The house is very nice, other than the fact that the fridge broke down, which is less than ideal...
  •  Governors beach
    Well the trip there was mainly uneventful, and we had a nice relaxing day as you can see from the photos.The return journey would have been a similar experience had L not thrown her shoe out of the window while we were travelling at 100km/h down the highway. Luckily nobody behind us got hit. Well, I...
  •  Off to the beach
    Today I had scheduled time to work on the Austrian tram system project. I woke up at 7am, made coffee and sat down at the computer to start. Shortly thereafter I discovered that all the information was in German, which was soon followed by the realization that I do not actually speak German.So anywa...
  •  Sometimes I miss London
    Honestly, I like living in Cyprus. Life is easy here - going shopping, getting to work (particularly in my case, since I work from home) - the beach is half an hour drive from here, and you can pretty much tour the island in a weekend. I guess you could say that Cyprus is comfortable and stress free...
  •  One more thing
    I forgot to mention that it was Jenny's birthday yesterday. Here she is at her birthday dinner, together with her biggest fan ...

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