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Two bloggers coming to terms to living in Portugal, sharing info with travellers and would-be expats. Posts range from history and architecture, to traditional cuisine and local wines, to off-the-beaten-track places and where to find organic food in central Portugal. Also how much you should budget for monthly fixed expenses, how to pay Via Verde, warnings on health insurance packages available. A Google translator provides a quick translation of the posts. But I'm in the process of traslating our posts myself Being two curious people we blog for curious people.


Lingua del blog: Italiano

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Italy  espatriato Che vivono in in Portogallo

  • Di genere: Donna
  • Sposta: Italia  Portogallo
  • Interessi: Travelling, cooking, history, art, reading-writing, meeting new people
  • Informazioni su di me: We've recently moved to Central Portugal from Italy. Expats to Canada for a few years in the past. Enjoy travelling, cooking, history, art, reading-writing, meeting new people, mad about dogs. Been a trainer for many years (humans not dogs, alas!) and a translator. I also teach Italian cuisine, to those bored with Portuguese cuisine. Speak French, Portuguese, Italian and a survival level of German. Love blogging-sharing info. Currently setting up our own company.


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Traslochi internazionali in Portogallo
Confronta fino a sei preventivi d’aziende di traslochi nostre partner, le quali possono aiutarti a pianificare il tuo trasloco internazionale.
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Assicurazione medica per chi espatria in Portogallo
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Trovare un appartamento in Portogallo
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Otterrete i tassi a prezzo ridotto dell'hotel, affari dell'ultimo minuto, promozioni, offerte speciali, con una prenotazione in tempo reale e un booking in linea.