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This blog documents our stories of working, living and traveling in Vietnam.
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Channel Steve

Channel Steve - The Online Life of a Digiholic
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Emefa's Asia

The 'go-to' resource site for Black people living, working, and visiting Asia
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Expat Vault

Advance your career without sacrificing your wanderlust and make lifelong friends abroad.
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Fish Sauce, Motorbikes and the Golden Tortoise

This blog is a catalogue of my adventures as Hanoi becomes home and I traipse around SE Asia. It's sort of a diary, though you'll be spared my most intimate...
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Hanoi Scratchpad

Vignettes of life in Vietnam's capital city, from a middle-aged Brooklyn-born Cuban-American expat. My hope is to evoke in others a sense of what it is like to...
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I Like Airplanes

Friendly and personal stories about my life in Vietnam.
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Life Outside America

My blog journeys my life in Vietnam as I work, travel, and play while I continue my studies earning my masters degree.
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Our Man in Hanoi

A Hanoi blog from a foreign resident
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Saigon: Why Am I Here?

Canadian author and illustrator Elka Ray has spent 16 years living in Vietnam. Her life may be weird but it's never boring!
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