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LeBlanc LeBlog

Random ramblings of being a Jock living overseas.
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Life in the Bay

Tips and Tricks about getting settled, working and living in the Bay Area. This blog is made for and by foreign people who work for Stanford University (or...
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Little Things Make Smiles

I recently started blogging about finding the positives in everyday life to create smiles. I am a great believer that everyone can find something each day to...
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Live Work Travel USA

Preparing for the big move and getting adjusted to the United States comes with a lot of questions. You want to hit the ground running instead of making rookie...
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Local Bigwig

This blog provides cultural recommendations, great local food spots and tips on how to live the local life in NYC.
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Lost In The Pond

From language variation to obscure cultural differences, the United States and the United Kingdom differ in ways most of us aren't even aware. Sure, we all know...
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Love A Traveler

Falling in love with the world. I aim for the solo female traveler and any traveler who was made to explore our beautiful world. Travel news, travel thoughts,...
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Mama goes BAM

KiwiCanadian raised in Montreal, lived in New Zealand for 8 years, relocated to New York in September 2011 with my Kiwi husband (Big Monkey), 4 year old boy...
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Marmite and Fluff

Connecticut daily life from a British expat who's Americanized enough to leave the U out of Humor, but will always be British enough to know that Steve Carell...
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Me, Myself and Atlanta!

I started this blog after moving from the UK to the US early in 2013. It's my take on life in the states, including what adjustments we had to make, our...
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