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Western New Yorker

This website provides global insight into saving money and creative ways of taking simple household items and turning them into innovative designs and ideas. I...
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What's For Dinner?

Hungry? Feeling Tired? Exhausted from a Long Day at Work? Still Want Something Delicious for Dinner but Don't Want to, or Have No Time to Cook?
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Who Needs Maps

A travel blog that will make you laugh, cry and wonder why on earth you are not traveling.
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Whole-hearted Traveler

My blog doesn't focus on a specific region but adjusting to living in a new culture and living a well-balanced life.
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All things expat
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World Tree Coaching

I focus on personal development and helping people maximize their potential while living a life in transition. In my blog I write about my own experiences while...
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Yaz Talks A Lot

Lifestyle blog dedicated to my immigration journey and living in the USA, as a UK expat.
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