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American. A broad.

Photo accounts of daily life and settling in to my new UK life.
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An American Actress in London

A resource for North American actors in the UK with useful tips, links, books and general insight.
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An American Girl in Chelsea

A chic guide for American women who have relocated to London, England.
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An American in Britain

News and views by an American now living across the pond in England.
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An American Monster Geek in London

I documents an American Movie Geek who loses his job at a special effects company in America, then accepts a job with a company in London and moves there.
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Ancient Digger

Learning about the past by digging in the present. An archaeological journey through the ages.
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And Here We Are...

Stories and images of discovery as we embrace the thrill and challenge of living in England, and traveling as much as we possibly can!
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I was born and raised in Seattle and lived there for 40 years. My father and grandmother were born in Yakima, the heart of apple country. My blog name,...
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Are You Happy?

Since the summer of 2011 me with my family live in England. My blog is about experienced, felt, dreamed, and created in our new everyday life. I write in...
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Author Cristina G.

A blog about discrimination, writing and surviving
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