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Globetrotter Postcards

London Expat - Traveller - Blogger - Book Lover. Writing about life in London, travel adventures for tips and inspiration.
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Gloriously Dismal | An American Student in London and B

An American expat and student braving the English university system and shopping on Oxford Street. Moving abroad to get my degree was the best decision I've...
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Hercules Gets A Passport

Two expats, six passports, and four cats. A blog about travel, food, photography, and life as we know it.
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iter sensus

a journey trough countries, places, flavours, and more
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Little London Observationist

American expat living in London since 2007, exploring and discovering this inspiring city while working at a college in Notting Hill and occasionally submitting...
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London By S.

I aim to share with you my experiences in London mostly, but not only when I get the occasion to get out of town in the UK and beyond. As a very beginner...
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London Cosmopolitan

San Francisco-based couple moves to London and having a "brilliant" time.
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London Crackers

A living diary of one Florida family's experience in the United Kingdom, provided both for friends and family to remain in touch, and for other prospective...
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London Expat | London Singaporean

What to do, where to go and where to eat in London. A lighthearted guide filled with photos and the latest happenings in London.
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Mette Bassett

It's a blog about everyday life in London: second-hand shopping, quirky things, art exhibitions, cozy pubs, scary movies, beautiful cemeteries, rock concerts,...
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