A Celebration of Mundanity: Life and Observations from

An American Ex-pat entomologist living in England, working at the Natural History Museum in London, traveling extensively and who is an observer of the mundane. In these pages you’ll find I write a lot about travel, cooking, hiking, knitting, wild life and natural history, and really quite a bit of it is about the mundane. I’m writing for family and friends to keep tabs on our adventures while we’re living abroad and for those passersby who happen to take interest.


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US American US American expat living in London

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 25-10-74
  • Move: Usa  United Kingdom
  • Interest: travel, natural history, england, cooking
  • About me: I'm a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the US. I'm an entomologist working at the Natural History Museum in London and living in a quaint English village 25 miles from London. I travel with my husband on his frequent business trips. I get to explore so many amazing places while he as work, but I'm making the best of the situation :)

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