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Rachael Harrison - Life as a Middle East Expat

My blog focuses on life in Dubai, namely trying to dig beneath the surface in this glitzy city, to try to find something 'real' and natural. I am a keen runner...
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Ramble and Wander

A personal travel blog set up in mid-2011, aspires to detail out & share personal travel experience, places, itineraries, travel...
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Impressions and musings about my experience of living in the Gulf, and of course some stuff about my occasional trips to other spots.
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Style Craze Gazer is her personal blog where she can share her day-to-day outfits, impart her ideas of styles, travels and life experiences.
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the hedonista

regional blog detailing the travels and travailas of an Aussie housewife living in Dubai and eating her way around the world.
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The Pinay Wanderer of the World

A series of exciting adventures of a Filipina expat in Dubai who loves to explore the world and travel on a budget.
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To buy or not Dubai

Am a trailing spouse who was a banker till just a few years ago! Our years together have taken across interesting places & Dubai is yet another pit stop in...
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Tondo Girl in the Desert

Born and raised in Tondo, an OFW in the land of sandstorm.
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Walck This Way

An expat mom's adventures in Dubai.
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Wandering Duchess

Welcome to the blog of an American expat who peace’d out of Pennsylvania to have a go at expatriate life in Dubai, UAE. Here you’ll find musings &...
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