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East of Malaga

Do you want to find out about tapas? Look at stunning photographs? Follow some easy driving directions from Málaga airport? Try out a new recipe? Learn...
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echarse a andar

"Echarse a andar" recounts my experiences as an American living in Galicia, and then the Basque Country, with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic...
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El Boqueron Viajero

A bilingual- bicultural travel blog sharing our enthusiasm for discovering the things in our own city and around the world.
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Eleven Eleven

The blog started off as a travel blog to follow me as I backpacked Europe last year. Now it is continuing to follow my journey as I teach English in Spain and...
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Elizabeth Joss - Solo Travel, Art, Culture and the Good

I blog about my love for art, culture and solo travel.
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English Girl in Madrid

An English girl (from Yorkshire) that moved to the wonderful Madrid City Centre to discover a new and interesting way of life!
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Estrella Explores

The musings of a Canadian expat on life in Spain. I write about life as an English teacher, experiencing Spanish culture, and weekend trips throughout Europe.
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Expat C.A.F.E.

Since my husband Mike and I became The 6 Monthers we have heard from a lot of people curious about our lifestyle. This blog, Expat C.A.F.E., is where we will...
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Expat in Spain - An American surviving and thriving in

I hope with this focused blog, I can provide a resource for those wanting to make the transition to Spain in general and Barcelona in particular–short or long...
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Expats in Spain - A place to whine

A blog for English speakers living in Madrid to help each other, with a forum to complain and get it off your chest. Please note that this is a light hearted...
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