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Spanish Sabores

A blog about food, cooking, traveling, and expat life. I comment on cultural differences between the US and Spain, teaching English abroad, learning Spanish...
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Street art blog

News feed about the street art and graffiti industry in Spain. Festivals, events, workshops and experiences for alternative travellers.
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Sunshine and Siestas

A mix of life experiences, cultural misunderstandings, fighting in a bilingual relationship, teaching English and living la vida sevillana after moving to...
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Tales from Toriello

Tales about our life in Asturias on the green coast of Spain. We grow our own vegetables and fruit, make mosaics, restore rush and cane chairs, write,...
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Tall Travels

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm a tall English teacher from Portsmouth England. I'm 30 and currently work in Oaxaca Mexico.<br />
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A deeper look at the Isla Afortunada. A collaborative blog about the best sights, to-do's, culture, fiestas, food and life on the island.
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The Adventures of Maria

I'm incredibly lucky to have so many adventures, and I want to share them. I've found that having a travel blog both communicates to others and saves for me a...
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The American Nomad

Adventures of an American expat and travel addict living in Spain
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The big move

Moving house is never easy, moving to a new country is even more difficult but with a lot of planning it can be a lot less stressful than you think.
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The Madrid Guiri

an illustrated blog about an Englishman in Madrid
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