Not Hemingway's Spain

This blog seeks to puncture the "Hemingway paradigm." It is part travel guide, steering you to those "pueblos con encanto" that Hemingway never knew, but which locals favor over the Pamplonas or Rondas to which Hemingway-obsessed Americans flock. It is part cultural guide, offering some tips and insights into subtle differences and hiccups that Americans commonly run into here. And part cultural study, placing Spain's dynamic, pluralistic, and very modern culture against the simplistic primitivism or exoticism typical of Hemingway's "lost generation." Along the way, I'll also muse on "our patron saint," to help make sense of why Hemingway saw Spain the way he did, but why we today might want to move on and re-see it the way Spaniards today do.

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  • About me: Memo to all Americans: There exists a Spain that Hemingway never visited, and in many ways it is actually better than the one he did see. I'm an American expat and historian who's been traveling between Spain and the U.S. for over a decade, and settled and living in Valencia for the last couple of years.

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