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I know a little place in Seville

Irreverent in tone, but informational at the same time, I promise to lift the lid on where to hang out if you're tired of the usual tourist spots. Readers tend...
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Kate Peregrina en Spain

I'm an American expat living in Spain and teaching English. This blog is about everything from bidets to phrasal verbs and that awkward moment when you say...
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Scribbler in Seville

Living in Spain's most romantic city: an inside view of tapas, history, fiestas, architecture and fashion in Seville. A British expat mother's take on adapting...
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Slightly Nomadic

An account of la vida española from a young woman working just outside of Sevilla.
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Sunshine and Siestas

A mix of life experiences, cultural misunderstandings, fighting in a bilingual relationship, teaching English and living la vida sevillana after moving to...
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SVQ Guide

A handy guide for expats living in Seville.
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