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Welcome to Spanish Fly, where you´ll experience the enchantment of Spain — through history, recipes, pictures and first-hand accounts of daily life. Become a fly-on-the-wall of my personal experiences living as an American Expat in the port city of Motril, on the Alborán Sea.
With determination, we´ll uncover the truth or myth to those uncertainties above (plus oodles more)…and guess what? You´re coming along for the ride! Together, we will taste typical dishes and wash them down with good wines or cold cañas (cold beers in small glasses)! We´ll explore the centuries-old history, one breathtaking sight at a time. We´ll involve ourselves in the intricacies of the countless festivals and learn what Semana Santa (Holy Week) smells like (trust me on this one!) We´ll roam and become temporary residents of quaint little white-washed mountain villages and bustling, noisy cities. Together we´ll listen to church bells ring. And ring. And ring. Most importantly, we´ll just experience daily life in Spain — the good, the bad & maybe most interesting sometimes, the ugly.

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US American US American expat living in Granada

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  Spain
  • Interest: food, wine, photography, chocolate, travel, teaching
  • About me: A quirky, no-frills, native Ohioan - now an expat living in beautiful, sunny, southern Spain since February 2014. I´m a huge fan of the food and drink here -including Rioja wines and chocolatey bakery treats. During my free time, I like to stroll the city streets, drink copious amounts of café con leche, sew, write, photograph everything, and doodle on the laptop. I have high hopes of learning how to dance Flamenco, although my expectation of acquiring the skill is quite low. Fresh out of college I taught high school Spanish, Civics and Psychology in NC and crewed on a sailboat during the summer. After that, I graduated from culinary school in Pittsburgh and worked in both the kitchen and in the front of the house as a restaurant manager. My job in the states before moving to Spain was with an International Logistics company, where I worked for about 10 years. In Spain, I teach private English classes, from young children to adults.

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