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You’ve found it. My little piece of the internet where I can say whatever I please; where I can – hopefully – inspire some or simply pull at the heart strings. I hope to capture wherever I am in the world with my words, but as I’ve learned, sometimes words fail. Sometimes moments can’t be described as more than the feelings that they brought to us at that very point in time. Sometimes photos speak more than words; and sometimes they don’t.

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US American US American expat living in Spain

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  • About me: I'm a native of Maine who now calls Madrid home. I've been in Spain for the past two years but have called Canada and the US home as well. I hope you enjoy my stories, my photos, and I hope you can find your own happiness in whatever it is you do. For me, it’s traveling; it’s writing; it’s riding trains; it’s taking photos; it’s surfing; it’s laying in the arms of a loved one; it’s laughing hysterically with friends. Whatever it is for you – I ask you to share and please comment. Reach out. We all have stories worth sharing. I post two regular sections: The Local Lowdown and 48 Hours In.
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