Russian Adventures with the Fitzys

Adventures of a kiwi family who left behind a life in the country living in a solar powered home on a 8Ha lifestyle block with no neighbours, for life in a 4th floor apartment in Moscow, with more residents in our apartment complex than lived in our whole town. We share our adventures, our experiences, trials, tribulations and general observations of life in Moscow. There will also be plenty of advice on what to do in Moscow with a young family and how to avoid the high cost of living here.

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New Zealand  expat living in Moscow

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 06-01-69
  • Move: New Zealand  Russia
  • Interest: Rugby, Cricket, Skiing, Travel, Photography
  • About me: I am a 40+ self employed architectural designer, married with 2 young kids. I have spent pretty much all of my life in New Zealand with a couple of brief stints in Japan in my early 20's. In mid 2012 in a life altering moment my wife applied for a job in Moscow an a week later was hired, so now we have packed up our lives in NZ and shipped off to Moscow for the adventure of a lifetime. We now have no idea of what life has in stall for us, so are looking forward to the unexpected.


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