Julie Dawn Fox

I’ve been living in Portugal for over four years and whilst I’ve done a lot during my time here, there’s always so much more to discover and experience. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences of Portugal with you in a way that you will hopefully find entertaining, interesting, informative and inspiring.


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UK British UK British expat living in Portugal

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  Portugal
  • Interest: travel, writing, walking, reading, photography, crafts
  • About me: I’m a freelance writer with a strong leaning towards travel writing, although I can turn my hand to other topics. I’m also an English language teacher, a career I chose so that I could indulge my passion for travel. Originally from the UK, I’ve lived in several countries over the years including Spain, Tanzania and Venezuela and travelled to many others. I have finally put down roots in central Portugal where I live in a tiny village with my husband and dog but that hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for travel. When I’m at home, I love reading about other times, cultures and places and developing my interest and skills in photography and writing.


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