Edge of the Arctic

Tales of a Yankee Adventurer in Norway: An American accustomed to shopping on a Sunday trying to settle into a more unmaterialistic lifestyle in Norway. Less shopping, more nature. More taxes, no insurance bills. Fewer choices in the cookie aisle at the grocery store, but more time with my family.


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US American US American expat living in Oslo

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  Norway
  • Interest: Traveling, writing, cooking
  • About me: I’m from Ohio (USA) where I spent most of my childhood swimming, listening to Bollywood music and watching I Love Lucy re-runs. I spent my teen years drifting between the medieval and Elizabethan eras of English literature, only to marry a Britisher and move to London. Living in London was a dream. I got my masters in journalism in a city that, as far as I’m concerned, founded the fourth estate. I lived around the corner from Sir Ian McKellen who I saw in a fabulous stage performance of Waiting for Godot alongside Sir Patrick Stewart. I ate at the best of Brick Lane’s Indian and Pakistani restaurants and my jogging route took me along the River Thames with a view of the London Eye. And right when the cracks of the National Health Service started to give me nightmares my husband whisked me away to Oslo. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve only just realized how far north Norway is. If you have one of those old-fashioned globes, stand over it and look straight down and you’ll see where I am.


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