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I Wander & Roam

Travel, lifestyle and expat life
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Invading Holland

The story of an accident prone Englishman living in Holland (with cartoons by the author)
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Little Big Traveler

Little Big Traveler is a blog about my everyday life as an expat in The Netherlands. I write about events, food, culture, day trip ideas and many more.
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Mermaid On A Bicycle

Mermaid on a Bicycle is a blog about adaptation and chronicles the abandon of sunshine and blue skies for the experience of the gray unknown. Join in my...
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Munt Thee: Life in Amsterdam

hile preparing for my move back to Amsterdam, I searched for blogs, websites, anything online about ongoing events, stories, portraits about the city and found...
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Nomad Parents

My blog talks about the adventures of being an expat parent in the Netherlands. I share real stories and advice and mix in some guest posts every now and then...
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On The Same Page

On the Same Page *OTSP* is a collaboration between friends sharing a love and curiosity for the world. We strive for and encourage the belief that anything in...
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Shams Center Foundation

Business and Life Coaching

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Tilting Toward Windmills

Our American family of 4 emigrated to the Netherlands in 2014. This blog describes our experiences with Dutch culture, the immigration process, higher...
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What Alice Did Next

An escapist with a taste for fine arts, photography and travel, combining the three to experience the best of all worlds. Come run away with me.
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