The Sun Can Be Yellow

My name is Paul Faraway, writer and adventurer. This blog is my own personal space where I share my life in Liberia from a singular expat point of view. It is also where I immerse myself in the burning light of African literature through brutally honest book reviews. You can also find on this blog “african proverbs” through sentences displayed on the back of Liberian taxis, as well as a lot of african music. Welcome to The Sun can be Yellow.

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Spain  expat living in Liberia

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: Spain  Liberia
  • Interest: Travelling and literature
  • About me: Soy Paul Faraway, escritor y aventurero. Vengo de España, y vivo en Liberia. Mi blog es una mezcla de literatura, aventuras y reseñas literarias
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