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I began this blog with a focus on Japanese literature (especially contemporary novels) but soon expanded to include travel (especially hiking) accounts. Since...
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Sun and Squalor

While studying illustration at Sheridan College, I spent five years of my later twenties rediscovering my love for all that is lost and somewhat broken. After...
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Survive in Japan

Survive in Japan is a blog dedicated to providing useful advice and tips for foreigners in Japan. We create helpful guides for everyday life as well as product...
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Surviving in Japan: (without much Japanese)

Finding the resources you need in Japan can be daunting at times, especially if you haven't mastered the language quite yet. Seemingly simple tasks such as...
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Take You In My Backpack (Miss Adventures)

I call myself Miss Adventures. I'm newly single, armed with a passport and a selfie stick and a fire in my belly to travel this beautiful world...the blog is...
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The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo

I've kept myself from going into the blogging fashion for quite a long time now but after seeing a number of horrible blogs (and a few good ones) I felt...
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The Beginner's Guide to Japan

A general guide to life and work in Japan aimed at explaining all those things that simply don't seem to make sense at first sight.
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The Passport Lifestyle

A travel, photography, and style blog with an emphasis upon Tokyo and Japan.
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The Soul of Japan

My blog is a collection of onsen, nihonshu, jukujo, and delicious Japanese cuisines.
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The Wadas on Duty

We mainly hang out in Chugoku region where Okayama city is. However, we often drive down to other cities as well. Major places to minor spots (but...
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