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Soul of the Heel

The adventures and misadventures of an American couple's life in Italy.
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I like to share about my life here in Italy - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I showcase my 'photography' and 'cooking skills' (imagine Dr Evil with his...
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Status Viatoris - tales from a modern-day nomad

My blog is written in order to entertain people, to make them laugh, and to share with them the quirkiness of life in a foreign country (or indeed several...
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StudentsVille is a study abroad in Italy blog, written by students for students, has over 20,000 visitors a month! Here we aim to provide the most up to date...
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Swedish flight attendant with 5 years in the Middle East in the baggage, now with a lill bun in the oven currently living in Italy.
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sunshine and tomatoes

My blog is a light hearted look at all things southern Italian through the eyes of a British expat! I like to blog about all of my experiences here, including...
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Tè Caldo in Italia

Tè Caldo in Italia is a blog documenting the life of a tea-loving Asian in coffee-loving Italy. Her attempts to integrate into a tiny and traditional city in...
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Texana in Italia

Ramblings and musings of a girl from Texas, lost in the Eternal City.
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The Lucky Nomad

This is a story of a native New Yorker who decided to pack up and move to Italy at 24. This is a little exploration into this new culture with a lot of personal...
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The Pines of Rome

I moved to Rome seven years ago, and every day I fall more in love with this fascinating city, even if at times the bureaucracy gets me down. This is an ode to...
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