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Full Of Italy

Rachel is discovering northeastern Italy slowly... one bite of cheese, one dish of risotto and one glass of wine at a time. She shares a variety of her expat...
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my lists of cool and interesting things to do in cities all over the world....mostly in and near Rome...but also... paris, cape town, istanbul
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Girl in Florence/Firenze 2.0

This personal blog follows one curious American girl with a semi-confusing name living in Florence, Italy. Passions include travel, wine, food, humor, culture,...
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Here in Puglia

Everyday life and experiences of an expat living in retirement in Puglia
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Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy

A British expat living and working as an English teacher in Bologna. Sharing information, advice and anecdotes for people travelling in Italy, learning Italian...
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Italian Intrigues

Explores all aspects of living in and traveling to Italy.
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Italy Translated

I have been living in the old country for many years and although I have been settled for a long time, things that happen here still give me a laugh and...
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La Lingua

My Milanese adventures! Food, travel, photos, sport, art, culture and many, many restaurants...

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Leave! The Dream

Surf Travel Blog

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Life in italy

Daily event of living in a small Tuscan town in Italy
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