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Finland meets Italy on all levels in life, join our journey... we work, play, travel. We live on 55 m2 but are soon moving in to the house our dreams. We are...
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Full Of Italy

Rachel is discovering northeastern Italy slowly... one bite of cheese, one dish of risotto and one glass of wine at a time. She shares a variety of her expat...
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my lists of cool and interesting things to do in cities all over the world....mostly in and near Rome...but also... paris, cape town, istanbul
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Girl in Florence/Firenze 2.0

This personal blog follows one curious American girl with a semi-confusing name living in Florence, Italy. Passions include travel, wine, food, humor, culture,...
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Here in Puglia

Everyday life and experiences of an expat living in retirement in Puglia
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Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy

A British expat living and working as an English teacher in Bologna. Sharing information, advice and anecdotes for people travelling in Italy, learning Italian...
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Italian Intrigues

Explores all aspects of living in and traveling to Italy.
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Italy Translated

I have been living in the old country for many years and although I have been settled for a long time, things that happen here still give me a laugh and...
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La Lingua

My Milanese adventures! Food, travel, photos, sport, art, culture and many, many restaurants...

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Leave! The Dream

Surf Travel Blog

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