Mangia bene, riddi speso, ama molto

Living in Italy……the dream….. Most of the time it really can be. I love taking photos of where we have visited, some tell more of a story than others. Posting them on facebook has been the main preference to date. But being conscious that some people just might ‘have enough’ of my postings! I have decided to record my pinch me moments in photos on a blog, that way people can choose to see, I get to record more of what I want to and keep the memories alive……

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  • About me: Hi my name is Diana, 25 years ago my husband and I set off to live in Portugal, our first adventure. We lived in Portugal for eight and a half years before moving back to the UK in 1998. There we stayed for another 13 years where I worked as a mum and a School Nurse. We both enjoyed the highs and lows of family life with 3 great boys. Now we have been given another opportunity to enjoy another adventure of living abroad; living in Italy. We have been given another opportunity for more tales to tell Although this time we may definitely be older, but not sure if wiser. Close to being the proverbial 'empty nesters' (the two older ones have already flown the nest, youngest one still living with us). We have been living here for the last three and half years. I started the blog late last year mostly to share with friends and family my travel journal and also a place to record my photographs. We love exploring new places and try to find the true and everyday side of Italy, off the tourist trail. At the same

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