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My blog is a light hearted look at all things southern Italian through the eyes of a British expat! I like to blog about all of my experiences here, including the (sometimes extreme) cultural differences, local habits, travel, dangerous fireworks (yes, really!) and of course, fantastic food!

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amy lucinda

UK British UK British expat living in Italy

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 05-06-87
  • Move: United Kingdom  Italy
  • Interest: Travelling, teaching, blogging, cooking, Italian food, la dolce vita!
  • About me: My name's Amy and I'm a twenty something British expat living in the south of Italy. I teach at a private school in a small town and I am, of course, a keen blogger! I have been living here for about 18 months now and have really started to adapt to the Italian lifestyle (yes, that does mean that I am now 5 minutes late for almost everything and enjoy an afternoon nap.. ;D) I love Italian cuisine, and am well on my way to eating the town out of pizza. I hope you enjoy my light hearted blog about all things (southern) Italian... :)

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