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Gracefully Expat

I blog about expat life, personal finance, frugal living and travel, and moving towards location independence and financial independence. I believe people can...
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Yet another expat blog with lot of travel stories from around the Ireland and the world. :)
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Ireland, MS and Me

Writing about life in Ireland and living with an illness that cannot be cured. Life in Ireland means much more to me than being diagnosed with MS, but I write...
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Lady Mac Lifestyle

I write about exploring Ireland, travels, psychology, photography, expat life, baking, relationships, life advice, along with so many other things!
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Life in Ireland

In our blog we are eager to share our impressions and discoveries made about Ireland, which has become our second Home. The main features we admire are...
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Love isn't for everyone

A blog about being a single mother in a foreign country.

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Molly Does Adulting

Molly Does Adulting is a lifestyle blog about food, parenting, travel, and my life in Ireland in general.
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A one way conversation over a cup of coffee with delayed responses (comments) is how I like to describe ms-havachat.

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Category: Expat life


My Irish Journey

I decided to write a blog to document our adventures and experiences living in Ireland and traveling through Europe whenever possible. My goal is to hopefully...
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Nearly Irish ?

Breton first, then French, but nearly Irish at this stage... I've lived in Ireland since 2002 and I've come to a point where I'm stuck in between not feeling...
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