Somewhere in Ireland

After 10 years of saying that "someday" we'll move to Ireland, we finally made it happen. It has been a long journey that started in 2004 when we moved from Alaska to Oregon then camped across the northern section of the US eventually ending up in Brunswick, Maine for the last 4 years. The place where I worked was sold so Shari and I talked it over and decided the time was right to relocate to Ireland. We arrived on April 4th at Shannon airport and began our transition. This blog documents our experience.

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US American US American expat living in Ireland

  • Move: Usa  Ireland
  • Interest: Photography
  • About me: My wife and I moved to the west coast of Ireland in April 2014. I am a freelance photographer who likes to walk and take photos. Since moving here we blog and I have photos galleries that keep our stateside friends updated. I am also interested in people's stories. We learn so much from listening and sharing our stories. I look forward to the opportunities here to listen to people's stories and to share them with everyone through our blog.


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