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Insights and inspiration for the adventurous traveller Grab the Passport is a travel website offering inspiration and destination insights for travellers from our independent travel writers and expats in India, Italy and New Zealand to name a few. The site allows readers to share their stories from around the world. We have features such as 'Spotlight On' - A short insight to a city with suggestions of where to go, eat and what to see; 'In-Depth' stories about travellers holidays; 'Photo of the Week' & 'Expats Diaries' - Diaries of British Citizens Living abroad.

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  • About me: A travel website orginally set up by Fiona McArdell, wife of a professional rugby player who moved to an Italian club, as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends but then interest grew from expats in Japan, New Zealand & India in particular and so the website grew and we now host their expat 'Diaries from' on a weekly basis as well as other travel related articles and photos.
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