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Leap On To The Lilypad

The adventures of the Leap family!
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Learning to Love being an Expat

Descriptions of the trials and excitement moving with my family from the USA to Cologne, Germany.
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Let the Journey Begin

I'm a freshly-baked mom from Latvia who lives in Northern Germany and who blogs mainly (but not only) about multilingual and multicultural parenting with a...
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Life in Düsseldorf

We are the city’s first English-language publication dedicated to helping expats in Düsseldorf settle in and live it up in their new home.
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Life in Frankfurt

This is the story of two people from opposite ends of the world who fell in love in Japan, got married in Singapore, moved to the UK thinking that that would be...
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Life in German.

you can find Travel, Expat, Lifestyle and everyday life stuff around here.
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Little Origin

If you want to know what it is like to live in a city full of opportunities, being a mom of two, how to cope when life gives you lemons, fun stuff, diy...
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Live in Germany - Live like a Local

Live in Germany is a one platform, where we give the BEST GUIDES and KNOW-HOW of German bureaucracy and all the expat services, so you can live your life like...
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Live Work Germany

Resource for English-speaking expats in Germany and those wanting to relocate here | Work, Lifestyle, Travel, Bureaucracy, Relocation, Tips, Trending Topics |...
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Living in Frankfurt

A blog about living and working in Frankfurt and Germany. Full of tips, tricks and local info to help you get set up in Frankfurt and to survive against the...
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