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Heather Goes to Deutschland

Expat newly arrived to Deutschland, formerly in the Czech Republic. I take some pictures, write, teach about gerunds, and appreciate the ridiculousness of what...
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I am Roger the Shrubber

Incoherent ramblings of a bumbling dad.
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I Must Be Off!

The travel(b)logue of writer Christopher you'll know where his hands have been
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ifs ands & Butts

I'm Alex, a Texas girl who ran off to Germany to be an au pair for a year. It is now over a year and I'm still in Germany, can't complain.
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it's about the journey

Blogging about my experiences living and traveling abroad
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Snippets from the life of an American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband...
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Kangaroos in Deutschland

Musings about life in Berlin from the perspective of an Australian expat.
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With "Karilogue", I hope to both entertain and inform. Among these pages you will find places you might want to visit and adventures you might want...
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Knorr Family Abroad

I write about life in Germany with 3 kids
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Leap On To The Lilypad

The adventures of the Leap family!
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