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Ami in Munich

Finding my way in a Bavarian wonderland...
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Ami in Munich

I'm an Arizona girl who fell in love with and married a German. We moved together to Madison, Wis., which we called the mid-point between Germany and Arizona...
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An American In Germany

The woeful and humorous tales of an American expat living in Germany with his overactive imagination, German wife, and two dogs. Like liquid prose mixed with...
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An American in Munich

This blog follows our move to Germany and our lives thereafter. It's full of my first impressions of Munich and Germany and their history. It also follows the...
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An American in Wiesbaden

An American attempting to settle into German language & culture. With a shoe fetish.
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Back to Berlin...and Beyond!

We embarked on the expat experience in Berlin in 2007 and our lives were changed forever. We saw Obama's 2008 campaign speech, got engaged on the Tower Bridge...
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Being an American, Becoming a Franconian

Observations on building a life in northern Bavaria. This blog is mostly about food, culture, family, gardens, language, friendship, love and life in a new...
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Berlin Back Again

This blog is about my journey. It's about rediscovering Berlin and sometimes feeling alien along the path. I am German, born in Germany and I did grow up in...
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Berlin Enjoy

With you can make the most of your trip to Berlin.
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Big Bear blogs .. Berlin

A look at all aspects of Berlin life from the perspective of a new and curious emigre. Includes sections on accommodation, work, bars, restaurants, exhibitions,...
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