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somewhere between facebook and flickr sits fiona

I'm Fiona, a mother of 2 occasionally pleasant children, living in Berlin and getting to grips with the language and the culture day by day. I'm also attempting...
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Starting Over In Stuttgart

The everyday trials and tribulations of a Brit living in Germany
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Stickers on our Suitcases

A current accompanying partner in transition. I share the humorous and challenging sides of new cultural experiences and moving, my experiments in finding...
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Submerged Oaks

A blog focusing on a couple's adventures in scuba diving, traveling and living as American expats in Mannheim, Germany.
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The Dusty Compass

The Dusty Compass is the travel blog of me, Danny, an American expat living in Frankfurt, Germany. A lover of languages, maps, photography, and window seats, if...
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The Expat Cast

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The Flying Pork Knuckle

These are the stories of a male trailing spouse. Getting weird and going pro. My mission: To Keep people from twiddling their thumbs.
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The Lotus Creative

A design, travel and lifestyle blog of a British expat and web designer living in Frankfurt, Germany and exploring Europe.
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The Rococo Roamer

Brittany Ruth began The Rococo Roamer to keep friends and family in touch while she moved overseas to Germany as a newlywed. Quickly she discovered that she...
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The Wildly Ordinary Life

In August of 2013, Brian and Erin quit their jobs, put all of their furniture in storage, packed up some clothes, and headed across the pond to settle in...
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