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I write about my life in Berlin and all the silly stuff I go through


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Italy  expat living in Berlin

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 19-08-84
  • Move: Italy  Germany
  • Interest: Music, Writing, Learning, Traveling
  • About me: My name is Federico and i was born somewhere in Italy in 1984. I had a very normal childhood, doing what all the other kids were doing: planning to become Power Rangers. … When the dream faded i devoted myself to scientific studies, managing to pour my big imagination into side-activities like hypocondriasis, a tragic(omic) vision of the future, and the invention of excuses to avoid doing sports (a lot of them still work! I’m a genius). Once i realized that the careers of tarot reader, screenwriter and king of Burkina Faso weren’t really taking place i decided to come to Berlin and start working in the marketing field, just to be sure i get my place in the world hell.

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