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Jumping Off Books

I write about life - the joys and the challenges, with a positive twist I hope! We are privileged to have chosen to leave our 'homeland(s)' and make our home...
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Kiwis Say Oui

From New Zealand to Bordeaux, France. This is a blog about travel with kids, faux pas and how we decided to say oui to a year living on the other side of the...
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La Famille Brown

Tales of an English family living in France
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La vie francaise

Join me on a champagne-filled adventure as I try to overcome the language barrier, my many cultural faux pas and my adversion to cheek kissing and all forms of...
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Languedoc property

The purpose of this blog is to provide anecdotes about life in the Languedoc, and France generally, and practical tips and advice for expats and those...
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Laurel Zuckerman's Paris Weblog

Inside tips on understanding and loving France, with a touch of humor. As a special feature for writers: Paris Writers News.
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Le cul entre les deux chaises

An American Spaniard in France -- hilarity ensues, usually at my expense
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Le Jardin Perdu

My blog is all about the joys and tribulations of gardening in France. I also write about the wildflowers and wildlife I discover in France.
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Les Petits a Paris

A blog about the expat life in Paris and beyond.
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Lexy's Great Adventure in Paris

Information on what to do in Paris with kids, what to do in Paris without kids, places to go to escape your kids, and that rare find, places to go with kids...
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