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An American in Asia

Photos and stories of my life as an American expat in Shanghai
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Avery Adventures

I've been told micro blogging is now the new, hip thing and that my long winded (macro?) blogging is sooo 2007, but I don't care. This blog started when my...
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Chasing the Unexpected

Travel insights from around the world.
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Cooking Etcetera

I'm a Shanghai foodie and a chronic blogger who is seriously addicted to web design and photography. This is a foodie journey of cooking, blogging and eating...
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Donuts to Dumplings

Donuts to Dumplings is a blog by two small town kids who fell in love with each other, traveling, and adventures. This love of the unexpected has led us to jump...
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Expat Financial Guy

Information, views and discussion regarding everything to do with money, finance and investing for anyone living and working away from their home country.
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Eye on Shanghai

My life in Shanghai as a first time expat, in words and pictures. Your experience may vary.
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From Lincolnshire to Shanghai..

Just my ramblings about life 6000 miles from home..
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