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Mr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu

My blog comprises of my thoughts and adventures in and around the country of Nepal. We are always looking for good food, good friends and great adventures!
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Mytanfeet is a Costa Rica travel blog written by an American and a Costa Rican, dedicated to helping others have their dream vacation to Costa Rica by sharing...
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Part of my world

My blog gives accounts of my adventures in Europe and the UK and also has some amazing stories about my past adventures all over the world. We love history, new...
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Peripatetic Sophia documents daily life as an British expat in Lyon, including travel, hiking, and personal anecdote and reflection.
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PuraVida"Living the Good Life"in CostaDelSol

Pura Vida :Living the Good Life" in Costa del Sol is a collection of stories, photos and memories of what it is like to live in Costa Rica and enjoy the...
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Ridgeline Images

This is a photography site exploring the hiking paths and outdoors of Japan mostly focused on the less frequented trails surrounding Tokyo. The aim of the site...
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steph's: travel, climbing and the tefl life

Over the past 5 years I have traveled or lived in over 10 countries. As travel plans came along and experiences where lived, I felt the need to write about them...
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Taiwanna Travel

Taiwanna Travel is the ultimate resource for Taiwan travel information and planning, and hopes to become the primary destination for visitors traveling to...
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The Adventures of Maria

I'm incredibly lucky to have so many adventures, and I want to share them. I've found that having a travel blog both communicates to others and saves for me a...
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The Lucky Nomad

This is a story of a native New Yorker who decided to pack up and move to Italy at 24. This is a little exploration into this new culture with a lot of personal...
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