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Sushi Night | Kahraman at Southern Sun

Kahraman, Southern Sun Abu Dhabi, UAE Last week my hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful sushi night out at Kahraman in Southern Sun Abu Dhabi. For 149++ you could enjoy an unlimited spread of sushi, sashim... read more

Posted on 12 September 2017 | 10:34 am

DOT on her way

Go North young man, go north : Larabanga Stick Mosque and Tamale

The southern part of Ghana is almost 100 proof humid; the corner of the Western Region bordering Côte d’Ivoire is technically considered a tropical rainforest, while the rest of the heavil... read more

Posted on 29 April 2017 | 8:57 pm

adventures & catastrophes, continued

Liberation in Learning: Expanding the Wings of a Phoenix, Pt. 2

Last week, I began sharing some of the lessons I learned in the last year of life and my failed marriage.  Today, I will continue sharing lessons 5-10.  All of these takeaways are offered wi... read more

Posted on 28 February 2017 | 2:09 pm

Natural Girl, Unnatural World

Watch Movie Online A Cure for Wellness (2017)

A Cure for Wellness (2017) HD Director : Gore Verbinski. Producer : Gore Verbinski, Arnon Milchan, David Crockett. Release : February 15, 2017 Country : Germany, United States of America. Production C... read more

Posted on 18 February 2017 | 11:12 am

FeelsLikeHome Blog


I realize this thing is supposed to be about immigration with it This Parenting thing is a kak tough job let me tell you, and no less expensive either, you need to be qualified in all sort... read more

Posted on 30 September 2016 | 2:17 pm

The Thompsons Excellent Adventure

Field Trip to SABANETA (video in English)

Finally some video in ENGLISH. Wow, I’ve been making all those videos about Peru, Colombia and my experiences with traveling and volunteering in Latin America but all the time in Polish. And eve... read more

Posted on 4 September 2016 | 3:55 pm


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