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Being an American, Becoming a Franconian

Observations on building a life in northern Bavaria. This blog is mostly about food, culture, family, gardens, language, friendship, love and life in a new...
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Belgian Trips

C'est un blog de voyage. Ceci inclue les descriptions des musees, des jardins, des chateaux, etc. qui se trouvent a l'interieur et a l'exterieure de la...
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Bellissimamma is a blog about raising two little boys in Siena, Italy. It talks about traveling around in Italy with kids. You can also read posts on parenting,...
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My blog is a mix of anecdotes of people I've met in Turkey, cities I've visited (along with pictures I've taken), and cultural and idiomatic knowledge I've...
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Benjamin Soper - Life in Sweden

Exploring the history of the Swedish language as I attempt to learn it, while documenting my life adjusting to a new country.
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Bergen Photo Walks

THe blog of Bergen Photo Walks, guiding photographers around the picturesque city of Bergen, Norway.
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Beyond Marrakech

Stories about a Dutch family building a boutique guesthouse in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco near Marrakech. Tales about travel, food, culture, shopping...
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Beyond Prague

Beyond Prague has the primary goal of showing what the Czech Republic has to offer a visitor who dares to venture outside the capital city. There's an amazing...
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Bibs, Babs, Bobs in Amman

The story of a small expat family in Amman. Babs is mum to Bibs and married to Bobs.
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Personal blog of day to day experiences and emotional reactions of living in Germany as a Black American woman.
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