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The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside

The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside. A personal take on investing in property in Bulgaria, created by James, an Englishman with 9+ years full...
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A Bulgarian Life

A rambling road from purchase through renovation to the journey over to Bulgaria and the time beyond........I hope
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A Letter From The Back Of Beyond

An Englishman's views of small village life in rural Bulgaria This blog is really aimed at three different sets of people. Firstly there are those who might be...
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Blogging in Bulgaria

Daily life and it's ups and downs for a family of 4 living in rural Bulgaria. Gardening my way to a possible collapse and laughing at myself along the way
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Bulgarian Slivatree

Telling what it's really like in Bulgaria living on and totally immersed within the Bulgarian community on a budget commensurate to local incomes.
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Karolinka In and Around Bulgaria

I'm a twenty-something American living and teaching English in Bulgaria. My blog is a record of these adventures, mishaps and triumphs!!
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Living in Bulgaria

Experiences of living in bulgaria and day to day life.
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Rebecca About Town

Expat life and travel blog
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The Good Life Bulgaria

We are a husband and wife team who had enough of the rat race in the UK and decided to live a self sufficient lifestyle in Bulgaria. We gave up our jobs and...
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Category: Expat life Diary


The Other Europe

I'm a writer and teacher searching for glimpses of the Europe that tourists rarely see. I aim for interesting, narrative-driven posts, concise news items, and...
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