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After spending seven years working as social worker and helping others through the process of migration I become a migrant myself. In February 2012 my job in the UK came to an end and with my wife (who is Brazilian) needing to complete her degree, we moved to São Paulo. After less than a week in the country I realised that it might be amusing (mainly for others) to document my futile and often embarrassing attempts to adjust to life in Brazil.

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UK British UK British expat living in Sao Paulo

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 10-03-82
  • Move: United Kingdom  Brazil
  • Interest: travelling, football, photography
  • About me: I´m a social worker from the UK who specialises in working with refugees. In February 2012 I became a migrant myself when I moved to São Paulo and I'm writing a blog about my attempts to adjust to life in Brazi


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