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“Colombia Travel”, “Colombia Tours”. Faster and faster, those phrases are becoming very sought after on the internet, more and more often those are words I hear from foreign friends amazed by the beauty of Colombia... and I can't help but smile. Colombia, my beautiful home country is finally on the map to be re-discovered as the astonishing travel destination it is. After living in England for a decade I decided to come back and be part of the current renaissance of my home country. After more than 50 years of convulsed history, Colombia is now a safe land, virtually untouched by foreign tourism and waiting to be developed as a major touristic destination in Latin America. I have travelled a lot around Latin America as a tour leader for an English company, I have seen many many outstanding, overwhelming landscapes, shared with a lot of great Latin American people, all of them proud of their countries and heritage, now is time for me to show Colombia to the world. Through my blog I want you to have the chance to see my beautiful and passionate country. As they very well say, when you travel to Colombia the only risk is wanting to stay!

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Colombia Travel Blog

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  • About me: I'm currently living in BsAs following my heart. I lived and studied in England for about 10 years. Later, I worked as a tour leader for a British company traveling in South America for nearly two years. Having had enough of not being able to "hang" my clothes anywhere, I decided to go back to my roots... Colombia. Since then I wanted to write about my travels and Colombia but thought: I just can't write!. It was only at the beginning of this year that I overcame my fear of writing and Colombia Travel Blog was born. Now days, I dedicate my life to telling the world about Colombia through my blog.


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