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One American in Sweden

For one year, follow an American women through daily life in Stockholm, Sweden. She'll give her unwarranted opinions, insights and observations, though not...
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Desperate housewives in Singapore

"Singapore? Ma dov'e' in Cina? Cannot direbbe un singaporeano! Questo blog e’ per raccontare di un piccolo posto sperduto in fondo all’Asia che, con...
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Life in Denmark

If you are planning to move to Denmark, are already in Denmark or just interested in the country, my blog is for you. I share my experiences in Demark. I write...
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B & M à Miami

Blog de nos voyages aux États-Unis et ailleurs.
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La Froggy Chez Les Anglais

La Froggy Chez Les Anglais est un petit blog rigolo, sympathique mais aussi informatif et personnel sur ma vie d'expatriée française vivant au Royaume-Uni....
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The Smart Expat

I blog about the issues that affect accompanying partners of expats, addressing transition to expat life, identity, career, finding fulfillment if you're unable...
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NJ to Nigeria

A description of life as our family of 5 moves from the suburbs of New Jersey to a year in South Africa before settling permanently in Nigeria.
[Hits: 73 - Added: 26-07-11]


Chronicles Of A Cold Texan

Travel stories, recipes, crafty creations, and other musings of an expat Texas girl trying to learn a new way of life
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This Cat's ABroad

The musings of a recovering snark ... who has finally amalgamated her blogs from Morocco, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey & Iraq into the Mother of All Blogs thanks...
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Finding Heidi

The adventures of a portuguese in Switzerland. I write about my life abroad and my travelling in and around Switzerland.
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From Side to Side : de la Baie de San Francisco au Kans

Etre français et vivre aux US : nos voyages, notre vie in the Middle of the Middle of the US : une autre vision à travers mes yeux de French Mom.
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Tales from a life without borders
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A Cruising Couple

Lovebirds with a shared desire to learn, explore, taste, and give more. Traveling the world together slowly but surely. Currently calling Taiwan home.
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McClan Doha

Interesting snippets out of our lives, from our travels around the country and world, to our day to day lives.
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Angéliquement Vôtre

Angéliquement votre, carnets de voyages et de recettes

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