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View from the foothills of France

Some personal views on living, working,
[Hits: 179 - Added: 20-06-13]


Hello Madrid, Hola New York

I write this blog about my observations about Spanish (particularly Madrid) culture and how after eleven years I have become so integrated and accepted so many...
[Hits: 165 - Added: 20-01-10]


Mamme nel Deserto

Un racconto delle avventure nonche' disavventure di due mamme italiane che si sono ritrovate a vivere nel deserto del Kuwait.
[Hits: 164 - Added: 24-03-13]


basilico & ketchup

I never thought about writing a blog. Now that I live in Massachusetts, it's a way for my friends and family to be closer to me...with a song as title.
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Entre coups de coeur, et coups de gueule, le journal d'une immigree Franco-Suissesse en terre arizonienne.
[Hits: 147 - Added: 08-05-10]


Polish Housewife

The cultural and culinary adventures of an American expat in Poland. I write about our daily life, our travels, cultural differences, and my attempts at...
[Hits: 146 - Added: 26-03-14]


Le Melting Post

Ce blog est consacré au Congo-Brazzaville mais pas que, aux découvertes, aux rencontres, aux curiosités légères comme aux réflexions plus profondes, aux...
[Hits: 146 - Added: 22-03-17]


Lady RaRa Jakarta

My blog covers all aspects of my life and adventures in Jakarta - from clubbing, cultural differences, insights and travels around the local area.
[Hits: 124 - Added: 02-08-10]


My New Norwegian Home

American girl meets Norwegian guy. You know the story... meeting, falling in love, surviving the distance, marrying, moving. I discuss all things Norway in my...
[Hits: 112 - Added: 26-06-12]


The Other Europe

I'm a writer and teacher searching for glimpses of the Europe that tourists rarely see. I aim for interesting, narrative-driven posts, concise news items, and...
[Hits: 112 - Added: 20-09-11]


'Our Luxor' (Or a Daft lad in Egypt.)

A blog about the struggle and misfortunes, but also the joys and hilarity of living in Luxor. We love it!
[Hits: 109 - Added: 01-07-11]


Pieces of Wendy

As an American in Australia, I write about a variety a things–– from quirky cultural differences and anecdotes, to culinary creations and reflections on my...
[Hits: 109 - Added: 08-01-12]



Writing and taking pictures of life and death while jumping off multiple cultural cliffs...
[Hits: 107 - Added: 03-03-09]


New Life in Spain

Norwegian señorita who has moved to Spain in search of lots of sun (escape the hard Norwegian winter), southern-European culture, learning Spanish and simply...
[Hits: 107 - Added: 08-11-11]


Vivir día a día en Indonesia

Explico cómo es la vida en Indonesia, tanto para locales como para expats. Intento huir de lo meramente turístico y compartir lo que observo con ojos y mente...
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